Powder coating uses a dry powder instead of a wet solvent to coat different materials. It is applied with an electrostatic process and then allowed to dry under heat. It has long been used for metal in household appliances, but it is now being used in other industries, including industrial, automotive, aerospace, and others.

Powder Coating Systems Use Less Product

Powder coating dries much thicker than regular liquid spray paint, up to 10 times thicker. This reduces the need for multiple coats and improves the durability of the product. It is also harder than wet paint to be better able to withstand chips and scratches. This is beneficial anytime you plan to use it for decorative purposes. It also has a smoother texture than wet paint.

Powder Coating Products Increase Durability

A powder coat will also adhere better than wet paint. This helps to prevent chips and corrosion, which is important for industrial equipment that needs functional coating. Even though it is strong, it also has flexibility to prevent cracking. Another benefit of this type of coverage is that it is resistant to corrosion so that even if it gets a scratch, it will not spread and ruin the entire paint job. This is an essential benefit to prevent rust of equipment and to reduce the time that the piece of equipment is out of commission or a touch-up or repaint job.

When powder coat is used on equipment, it can help those items last longer without needing new paint. It will reduce rust issues, which can result in a longer life for the equipment and reduce replacement costs. This is also an important factor when you think about taking a piece of equipment out of commission for a new paint job. Not only does traditional paint take longer to dry and allow use of the equipment again, but it has to be redone more often. Most companies realize that lost time means lost money and they try to utilize any procedure that saves money.

Powder Coating is Good to the Environment

Another benefit that many business owners will appreciate is the fact that powder coat is environmentally friendly. It does not pose a fire or health hazard and is not dangerous to the environment. Unlike wet paint that contains VOCs or volatile organic compounds, powder coat is a safer choice for companies. This is also a consideration when they make the claim publicly to be an eco-conscious company.

In addition, powder coat materials that are not used on the item can be reused, which results in less waste. When compared to wet paint that can lose up to 50% when sprayed on, this is a much more economical option and better for the environment.

When deciding between powder coat and wet paint, the powder coat has many advantages that benefit the business that uses it. Saving money, using less product, and utilizing a green product are the main reasons why you would want to consider this over the traditional option.