About Us

The History of Rely-On Technologies

Providing Exceptional Services Since 1983

Since its establishment in 1983, Rely-On Technologies has been in the business of sales and installation of paint spray booths and related equipment.

Right from the start, our goal has been to operate our family-owned business under a name that our customers can trust and rely on. We take pride in being fully licensed, bonded, and insured, with a primary focus on providing a complete turnkey installation, from start to finish. With four decades of installation experience in areas such as concrete, mechanical assembly, electrical work, plumbing, and fire suppression, our highly skilled crews are the best in the industry.

For the past 40 years, Rely-On Technologies has consistently demonstrated its reliability and continues to set the standard in the auto repair industry.


Founded Rely-On Spray Booth Company, Inc. for the sales, service, and installation of automotive and industrial paint spray booths.

Family owned since 1983. Primary client at that time was Caliber Collision Centers and FRAZEE Paints.

Founded RSB Manufacturing Co.

Promoted by GARMAT USA to distribute generic spray booths to GARMAT national distribution.

dba Rely-On Technologies

Name changed to reflect the continuously evolving industry.

J-Max Construction founded

J-Max Construction founded to oversee construction management for Caliber Collision’s remodel of brownfield collision centers.

MBN Spray Booth Solutions

Promoted the founding of MBN Spray Booth Solutions as GARMAT USA Northern California distributors.

Rely-On spray booth service program

Founded the Rely-On spray booth service program for recurring accounts.

Rely-On Grows Into The Future

Rely-On Spraybooth Inc. is proud to formally announce the elevation of Alfonso Ortiz III and Erick Ortiz as full equity partners in Rely-On, and all subsidiaries. As part of this elevation, both Alfonso and Erick will join Al Ortiz Jr. as full corporate officers. Al will remain in the position of CEO for the next three years as we make the transition, and then continue full-time as director of J-Max Construction. Both Alfonso and Erick will fill in the roles of COO and CFO, respectively. Daily operations will include Alfonso running sales and marketing full time, and Erick running construction and installation.