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Truck & RV

If you are in the business of painting large vehicles like Busses, RV’s and large commercial trucks but want an automotive quality finish, obviously you are going to need a large booth. At RelyOn we have what you need along with capability to custom build to fit your exact needs.


Automotive painting is all about that Class A ultra-smooth paint finish. To achieve that you need a paint booth designed from the ground up to facilitate the automotive painter’s needs and be rugged enough to withstand the punishment that a high production shop can put a booth through.


If your coatings business deals with the aviation industry you are likely well aware of NADCAP certification requirements. To perform a NADCAP complaint paintjob on aircraft of any kind, you need a quality paint booth that can accommodate your oversized needs, and still maintain proper airflow and ease of maintenance.


Stop painting in the open air! Boats and marine equipment need constant attention and rejuvenation to keep them clean and prevent rust. If you need to paint boats or Marine equipment but want a quality finish, you need a large booth.


If you are in the business of painting large industrial equipment such as cranes, earth moving equipment and even farm machinery,  you need to find a proper paint booth that can accommodate all of your variable size constraints and still perform year after year with quality airflow and ease of maintenance.


With over 30 years experience in Construction Services, Rely-On Technologies concentrates on upgrading and outfitting the entire facility, including electrical, air lines, gas lines, office remodels, roofing, concrete and much more.