Government Spray Booths

Customized Solutions for Your Government Vehicles

We Are Your Trusted and Experienced Government Spray Booth Provider and Installer

Rely-On Technologies has been manufacturing and assembling high-quality spray booths for government agencies for decades. Our equipment is time-tested, performs reliably under heavy conditions, and consistently surpasses specifications. Our goal is to provide equipment to government prime contractors and subcontractors, enabling them to successfully complete their projects.

Our spray booths are designed to meet the specific needs of government contractors and subcontractors, whether you’re working on school projects that require State Architect Approval, or you’re part of the maintenance team for Civil Service departments, including Fleet Systems, Police, Fire Departments, and more.

Features & Benefits

Compliance Assurance

When you choose our government spray booths, you can rest assured that you’re getting a reliable and efficient solution. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can trust that we’ll handle everything from permitting to construction to maintenance. Plus, we offer a range of other products and services to ensure that your government projects are completed to the highest standards.

Wide Array of Projects

Our government spray booths are designed to handle all kinds of agencies like:
Schools – State Architect Approved, Handicapped Accessible
Civil Service – Fleet Systems, Police, Fire Dept., Maintenance
Transportation – Trains, Busses, Trucks, Trams
Military – Job-Specific Equipment

Airflow Design

Airflow features include full downdraft, semi-downdraft, side-draft, and cross-flow.

Why Choose Us?

Choose Rely-On Technologies for exceptional government spray booth solutions. We have a proven track record of delivering outstanding products to government prime contractors and subcontractors. We stand out in the industry because of our commitment to quality, compliance, and personalized service.

When you choose our government spray booths, you can rely on us for reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. Contact us today to discuss your government project needs and let us assist you in achieving your goals.

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Government Spray Booths at Rely-On Technologies

Government Spray Booths


Here are some frequently asked questions to provide you with a better understanding of our Government Spray Booths. If you have further questions that aren’t answered here, don’t hesitate to contact us for personalized assistance.

Do you assist with the permitting process?

Yes, we handle the entire permitting process for government spray booth projects. Our team has the expertise to navigate and streamline the complex procedures. We will take care of the necessary paperwork and approvals.

What safety and environmental standards do your government spray booths adhere to?

Our government spray booths adhere to strict safety and environmental standards. We engineer our spray booths to comply with all relevant regulations, prioritizing a secure and eco-friendly working environment.

What sets your government spray booths apart from others in the industry?

Our spray booths are specifically designed to meet the strict standards and regulations frequently tied to government contracts. With precision and care, we ensure compliance, safety, and exceptional performance.

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