Who is the client?

Caliber Collision Centers is one of the largest collision repair companies in America with 122 I-CAR Gold Class Professional certified collision repair centers in California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas and Oklahoma. Caliber is consistently ranked among the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry and backs all repair work with a written, lifetime warranty available at any of its 122  repair centers and was in need of a custom vehicle spray booth system.

What is the challenge?

Before the news broke about the Caliber Collision Acquisition of Hi-Tech Collision, RelyOn Technologies had already been visiting the Hi-Tech locations after hours to ascertain the condition of all of the collision repair spray booth equipment in the shops, prepping the shops for the change of ownership, and consequent equipment update. Some of the shops would need minor cleaning, and others would need a complete re-build from the ground up. What RelyOn wanted to accomplish was to provide Caliber with a comprehensive schedule of maintenance to make the transition of ownership less painless, and give all three parties involved a direction on where to go.

What is the “RelyOn” solution?

Seeing as how there are many variables involved with this project, RelyOn Technologies decided to take a personal hands-on approach when dissecting each one of the Hi-Tech shops, and treat each shop as it was its own individual entity. Once this information was gathered, a list of recommendations was created and a budget for each shop was made from those recommendations. Caliber and Hi-Tech now had the transition path they needed, and RelyOn Technologies once again was there to provide the service and expertise of 30+ years in business.

What makes us different from other competitors:

Rather than rush into the project head and install unnecessary new equipment, RelyOn decided the best approach was to take a step back and come out with a comprehensive and detailed plan of attack on how to make the transition of ownership as quick and painless as possible, breaking each shop out into its own project, and assigning phases of the project to each one.