This month, we focus on preliminary preparation you can do before deciding “It’s time for a new paint spray booth.” As environmental regulations continue to get tighter around the southwest, terms like “permitting,” “zoning,” and “MPE Engineering” will be used in the initial process; it is imperative to understand that installing any type of paint spray booth is no longer an easy process. City agencies require permits for these booths. Most fire departments now require the booths not only to fire suppressed with either sprinklers or dry chemical, but they also need to be attached to the building’s fire alarm system and monitored 24-hours a day, seven days a week. For example, the Los Angeles County Building Department requires not only that the building be zoned for a body shop, but also a conditional-use permit issued to that address for spraying paint; the city of Phoenix, Arizona, requires a separate airflow test to verify that the posted airflow on the ETL label is indeed what is happening in the paint booth; and Clark County in Nevada has a permit review time of up to a year. Therefore, we encourage you to understand your own regulations before moving forward on any project!


Keep in mind, city requirements vary from town to town. Further, there are state governed air regulations with regional Air Quality agencies that the booth also needs to pass with their own set of unique qualifications. For example, Southern California has one the strictest air quality management in the country. The South Coast AQMD requires all spray booth burners be LoNox, and thus is the only territory in the country where Garmat LoNox Mechanical units are installed. As a result, a separate set of plans needs to be submitted to the AQMD prior to the release of their permit. In the end, a field inspection can take place up to two years after issuance of permit. Again, when planning your installation, it is important to research into your town’s process and requirements so that you can plan your timeline accordingly.


When putting in a new paint spray booth anywhere in California, Nevada or Arizona, we recommend researching into your local city agencies to ensure you are prepared to have a new paint booth installed in your shop. Rest assured – we are here to guide you! At Rely On, we tell our customers that we are no longer a paint booth sales company, but a “permit getting” company. Call us today and let the experts review your project regarding the new paint booth installation!