If your business requires commercial spray booths, you probably already know that prices can become quite expensive. Many business owners insist they cut costs by purchasing previously owned commercial paint booths customized to their needs and specifications. In reality, this claim proves farther from the truth. Working with RelyOn to create a customized paint booth is the best option for your business.

The Customization Process

When you purchase customized commercial paint booths from us, you invest in your business’ best interest. Our trained expert designers will work with you to design the right booth for your needs. They specialize in designing paint booths at a great price that meet all that your ventilation and paint application system requires for any job type. Our team that handles commercial paint booths will be available to you at every step in the process, asking for your input, and ensuring that your new booth is perfect for you. RelyOn understands the importance of this investment to your company.

Benefits of Custom Commercial Paint Booths

There are many benefits to a custom-designed paint booth for your business. For example, a customized commercial paint booth guarantees you results that you will love. After all, how can you expect perfect results from a paint booth not optimized for your business?

Additionally, customized commercial paint booths prove more cost-efficient over time than non-custom options. You will waste less time and money trying to make the booth function the way that you need because we design a paint booth around your requirements. Because we design the booth around the way you work, it will require less maintenance during its lifespan.

Who needs Custom Commercial Paint Booths?

Any business that paints in a shop can benefit from a customized booth. Clientele includes:

  • Auto body repair and maintenance shops
  • Truck, fleet vehicle, and transit facilities
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Woodworking manufacturers and finishers
  • Aerospace and aviation finishers and re-finishers
  • …and many more!

Call us today if your business requires paint and you are interested in investing in a customized paint booth. Our expert staff is on hand to help you get started on a booth that will change the way your business runs.