When it comes to sand blasting finishing systems, you have many choices. Whether you are looking to remove paint from metal, steel, aluminum, or even wood, a sandblasting system can aid the process. Ranging in size and functionality, these highly-effective removal solutions give the user the ability to perform a number of different activities and functions. Let’s take a look at what exactly a sandblasting booth does and the sizes they come in.

What is Sandblasting?

Sandblasting is the term used to describe the process of blasting tiny bits of material at a rough surface. The object is to clean the surface by removing unwanted rust, dirt, or paint adhered to it. The most commonly used material is sand, and it is usually propelled through a portable machine, or in a large booth.

While sand is the most commonly used material, hence the name, other abrasives are often used. Abrasives are chosen based on the materials being used and include aluminum oxide, glass beads, silicon carbide, steel grit, and plastic abrasives. Equipment used for blasting includes booths, portable blasters, and cabinets.

Sandblasting Booths

A sandblasting booth is a confined space used exclusively for high pressure sandblasting. The size of the booth varies depending on the intended use and can range from the size of a bedroom closet to a large garage. When it comes to large projects, booths are often preferred over portable pressure blasters. Booths allow for easy cleanup and increased safety.

Sandblasting booths feature an air intake system, a source of compressed air, a hose and nozzle, and a dust collection system. All of these parts allow for effective abrasion, with increased safety and cleanup. The air intake system is ideal for removing unwanted materials and fumes from the booth, while the dust collection system collects certain materials for reuse.

Benefits of a Custom Sandblasting Booth

Many industries can benefit from the use of a custom sandblasting booth. For instance, engineering, auto body repair, cleaning boat hulls, and even the textile industry use sandblasting as part of their processes. Additionally, sandblasting is used in the creation of high-end signage, which can often include smalts or even gold leaf. Sandblasting is also used to clean both industrial and commercial structures. Finally, sandblasting is largely used among those who work with brick, stone, or concrete in construction.

A custom sandblasting booth is an asset to any of the above industries – and more. If your industry requires a sandblasting booth, a custom booth is an invaluable benefit. When each industry is able to set their own specifications, including requirements for production and dimension of the sandblasting booth, the overall process will be far more efficient. A custom booth also allows for improved safety features, including extra protection against abrasion from airborne hazards. A custom sandblasting booth will also provide a means of collecting abrasive dust that protects against pollutants and is ultimately far more environmentally sound. Many industries will benefit from being able to choose from among a wide range of components, including size and accessories, for each working environment.