If you have a high quality spray booth, it is important to initiate a thorough system for proper spray booth maintenance. Spray booth systems require regular maintenance, so developing a routine will allow you to properly care for your booth as well as identify any problems that may arise. There are certain tasks that need to be conducted every day, but some maintenance can be completed less frequently.

Before you even consider your daily maintenance task list, there are several habits that you can develop to protect and maintain the quality of your spray booth. For instance, the best way to prevent dust from building up in your spray booth is to simply keep the doors closed at all times. Before opening the doors to bring in an item to be sprayed, turn on the machine so that it will automatically suck any dust into the filters.

The tools and cleaning materials that you utilize are also a factor in your maintenance routine. When you select any extraneous tools that will be used with the spray booth, make sure to select non-sparking options. As for cleaners, only use cleaning solvents that have a flashpoint that is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Routine Tasks

Each day, you should take the following steps to ensure that your spray booth is properly maintained:

  • Clean the surface of the booth. Wipe down the external surfaces to ensure that spray deposits don’t build up over time and begin to cause a problem. Any fire protection devices should be cleaned daily as well.
  • Dispose of residue. Don’t leave scrapings and sweepings sitting out. Once you’ve finished your daily cleaning routine, wet the residue with water and remove it from the building immediately.
  • Remove safety containers. Metal waste containers are a necessary part of most spray booth operations, but they should be emptied daily. Make sure that you have an appropriate system for disposing of this waste.

There are many other routine tasks that should be completed regularly as well:

  • Replace the filters. Depending on how frequently your spray booth is used, you may need to change the filters as often as once a week, although many manufacturers recommend once a month. Clean the filters out often, but consult with an experienced spray booth company like RelyOn to determine how often you need to completely replace each filter. If you choose to use higher quality filters, they will last longer and likely reduce your overall costs.
  • Evaluate airflow. At least once a year, you need to check the state of the airflow within your spray booth system. From the point where air enters the system to the place where it exits, follow the path of the airflow and make sure that there are no problem spots. If your spray booth is used frequently, you may want to check the airflow even more often.
  • Examining ducts. Ventilation ducts and fan blades need to be inspected regularly in order to prevent the accumulation of excessive paint residue. When you discover buildup, it’s important to remove it promptly.