If you have been in the industry for at least a little while, you already know that powder coating finishing systems are all the rage in metal products. In fact, powder coating spray booths are becoming more and more common at all levels of the industry. If you are unfamiliar with powder coating systems, read on to find out about this highly lucrative spray booth method.

Powder Coating Finishing Systems: An Overview

Many people erroneously believe that powder coating is a rare or expensive finishing treatment. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. Products that have been finished with a powder coating system are everywhere, from the appliances in your kitchen and the furniture in your office to the car in your driveway.

Because powder coating systems have countless applications, it has become increasingly common to see powder coating spray booths at all levels of the industry.

People love powder coating finishing systems because they deliver a highly rated finish to metal products of all types. Generally speaking, powder coating systems are efficient, economical, environmentally compliant, and energy saving.

Powder Coating Finishing Systems: An Environmentally Sound Choice

Powder coating spray booths have become ubiquitous in large part due to the fact that powder coating finishing systems are inherently kind to the environment. Here are a few key facts about the environmental-friendliness of powder coating finishing systems:

  • Powder coating finishing systems have very few emissions into the atmosphere.
  • It is easier to obtain permits for powder coating spray booths than it is for other finishing spray booths because the environmental benefits of powder coating are already well known.
  • Powder coating systems release less waste into the environment because most powder coatings can be collected and recycled for later use.
  • The materials used in most powder coating spray booths are free from heavy metals that are dangerous both to the environment and technicians.
  • For the most part, the waste products from powder coating spray booths can be disposed of in the same manner as any nonhazardous waste product.

Types of Powder Coating Finishing Systems

Because powder coating finishing systems are so inherently diverse, there are many powder coating spray booth designs from which you can choose when you are designing your next custom spray booth. Here are a few fundamentals of different powder coating systems:

  • Batch Booths: Batch booths are your best choice if your spray booth only needs powder coating finishing systems for individual parts. In a batch booth, your biggest concerns will be airflow and the clearance at the entrance and exit. For optimal quality in your powder coating spray booth, you need to ensure that the air flow will keep your powder application even.
  • Conveyer Booths: If your powder coating spray booth will need to accommodate many parts, you may want to investigate a conveyer style powder coating spray booth. In a conveyer powder coating finishing system, a large number of parts are hung on a conveyer in the ceiling. Parts are finished in the booth as they move along the conveyer.

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