When it comes to metal working, a spray booth is an absolute must-have for all metal coating systems, no matter what the type. Let’s take a look at why spray booths for metal coating systems are necessary, what types of metal working can benefit from spray booths, and finally, what type of area requirements are necessary for installing metal coating systems with spray booths.

Why Spray Booths Are Essential for Metal Working

All metal coating systems should feature a spray booth for two main reasons: health and safety. Looking at employee health, it’s important to understand how metal coating systems work. Throughout the process, a piece of metal is sprayed with a material that contains small particles, whether a powder, paint, or other type. Some of these particles end up in the air, and could be inhaled by workers operating said metal coating systems or by those working in the surrounding areas. This might lead to irritation of the respiratory system at the least, or serious health consequences, depending on the exact type of material. Additionally, safety regarding flammability is an issue as well. The sprayed materials are often highly flammable, and high concentrations in the air could lead to a fire or explosion.

A metal coating spray booth mitigates both of these problems by containing the materials sprayed by metal coating systems and allowing for proper ventilation. This prevents operators from damaging their health, and keeps sprayed, flammable materials from collecting in the air and posing a safety risk.

Types of Metal Working That Benefit from Spray Booths

The benefits of metal coating systems featuring spray booths aren’t limited to just one type of metal. The decorative coating on wrought iron, for example, might ordinarily present hazards to those applying it, but a spray booth can easily mitigate these effects. On the other end of the spectrum, structural steel often needs coatings to prevent rust and degeneration over time. Spray booths can easily handle the size of structural steel and the volume of sprayed materials needed to coat all of it. Metalwork on furniture also provides use for metal coating systems that use spray booths, allowing both decorative and functional finishes to be applied with ease. The possibilities for metal coating systems are just about endless, however, and spray booths can be an integral part of completing any task at hand, regardless of the type of metalworking that may be required.

Working Area Requirements For Installing Metal Coating Systems

Spray booths present an attractive alternative to spray rooms in that they generally require smaller areas, allowing for installation in a greater number of facilities. Depending on your exact needs for your metal coating system, the precise area required for installation may vary. However, spray booths are available starting at a length of only 20 feet, and can be custom-designed to fit the specifications of the area in which you would like to install them. Beyond space requirements, each specific model of spray booth has its own requirements for ventilation and power. Because there are so many spray booths to choose from, there is certainly a model that fits your exact metal working needs, as well as the specifications of your workspace.