This past November, Rely-On Technologies exhibited with the Rohner Group at FABTECH—North America’s largest fabricating, welding, metal forming, and finishing event for the automotive industry. FABTECH was a three-day convention that presented different types of coatings and processes such as powder, electro, conveyer, and in-line productions. Many largely successful internal businesses attended to showcase their innovative plans and products for upcoming 2017 year.

Currently on the brink of expansion, Rely-On is in the stages of expanding into the industrial-era space markets. Specifically, we aim to introduce Finishing Section services and products for larger, industrial vehicles that turnaround high-demand. Rely-On exhibited with the Rohner Group, leading manufacturers for such products, at FABTECH in an effort for us to become engineered systems specialists. For those of you who do not know the end goal, if a client wants to convert a massively empty building into a production system for processing and painting hundreds of industrial-finishing parts in a given day, then you will need an in-house “factory” to do so. Large, aerospace customers would benefit from the new services Rely-On will offer, as their supply and demand is far greater than the everyday spraybooth-centered body shop.

Rely-On, of course, continues to make strives to be the best in the industry as well as evolved with the market. As this was our first time exhibiting at FABTECH, Rely-On ensured that every moment was productive and would be lucrative for our clients and us.

These changes come with Rely-On’s vision for 2017. We look to add to our personnel to handle such an expansion, continue to grow our business development office, and invest an endeavor that we know will return ten-fold for our future clients. We’re excited to see what 2017 has in store!