In the automotive paint industry, sometimes your shop space is limited or doesn’t quite fit a specific vehicle, or sometimes the scope of the project doesn’t require the full dimensions and usage of a paint booth. What can you do in these situations? Do you decline the client? Do you rebuild your body shop? Of course not!

Rely On Technologies brings the experience to overcome these unique projects. Our innovative mobile spot repair system, known as the Spot Box MAX, maximizes your body shop layout by creating additional paint areas. Whether for larger projects that require more coverage or smaller jobs that don’t need a full booth, this solution increases your production without adding to your bottom line.

Despite being such a compartmentalized tool, all components are fully recognized and certified by UL, ETL, and CSA. Air is pushed into the intake filter plenum across the opening of the Spot Box MAX. If overspray occurs in the process, the excess is then pulled into the exhaust filters.  The filters remove all particulates as well as harmful VOC’s are removed by the carbon cartridge. Air finally recirculates through a channel at the top of the Spot Box MAX and back to the intake filter.

Rely On Technologies will equip you with the tools needed to handle any project’s size and scope. Don’t fret about the unique nature of your clients; let Rely On prepare you for those projects and set you up for success!