With projects getting larger, and space getting smaller (or intricate), we recently started incorporating 3d visualization into some of our more challenging layouts during the site layout portion of the bidding process. This allows us to lay out your facility and create dimensionally accurate models of your specific install, allowing us to determine potential bottlenecks before the equipment is installed. It also shows us where valuable space, like exit paths and drive ways, can be located inside of the shop. We can also use it to apply color swatches and branding, as a way to help sell the project to partners and owners.

The whole process begins with 2d plot plans of the shop layout, minus the equipment. Then from there, we determine the best layout for the shop prior to taking it into the 3d realm. Once that layout is approved, walls are extruded and constructed. Doors are cut in, drive ways are digitally striped, and spray booth equipment is added. Accuracy is down to the inch. Building a shop in 3d can help us determine the best throughput of the shop, even if it involves us adding cut outs into the exterior walls, repurposing existing driveways, and moving offices. This is a valuable tool to help us get every square inch out of your floor, to obtain that perfect 60:40 ratio of mechanical to paint that every shop strives for. From here, renders of the shop are made, images are shown, and the process is complete.

As our capabilities continue to grow as a company, our technical abilities to provide the most optimum shop layout will also continue to expand, to meet the “lean” method of industrial finishing & automotive re-finishing. More from Less. And using 3d CAD software for shop layouts are a great way to try new ideas, without spending a ton of time and money making a potentially bad choice. Our clients have to live with the layout long after the equipment is installed. Let us help you get it right the first time!