The demands of the automotive industry continues to grow each year, requiring Rely-On Technologies’ paint booth installations to include and uphold all regulations set by building permits, inspectors, gas companies, air pollution laws, state environmental laws, handicapped accessibility questions, et cetera. With the recent addition of independent consultant Joseph Ortiz to the advisory staff of Rely-On, it was determined that the two “Als” needed to expand its administrative operations team to keep them organized and ensure the work runs smoothly. Rely-On has dealt with the problem directly by adding more office space and hiring additional administrative staff to allow our seasoned staff to move into directorship roles.

This past year brought additional changes to Rely-On. With the ability to provide general contractor services to our clients and the need to separate project duties, Rely-On formed a sister organization to oversee all projects beyond the automotive repair realm—J-Max Construction. Fully licensed and insured, J-Max Construction will be responsible for overseeing our clients whose scope of work lies outside paint spray booths, yet requires that critical care that Rely-On is known for today.

Reviewing the needs of our clients and their continued service requests, Rely-On further decided to form an additional organization that will be in charge of after sales maintenance to paint booths and related equipment. This service company is still in formation, so more information will be further announced.

Our intent as we grow is to take a detailed and methodical approach to all programs involved. Our decision to maintain a steady course is to ensure the quality service that our clients are used to continues and maintain longevity in the equipment they seek. Rely-On has always been a name you can trust since 1983, and will continue to be.