At Rely On Technologies, we are excited to now offer the Garmat GasCat Catalytic IR Dryer. Our Dryer maximizes your continuous workflow to achieve the highest revenue per square foot possible—equating to the shortest paint cure times in the industry! This Dryer will revolutionize the collision repair industry in the United States through curing paint and materials in less time, space, and cost. Body shops looking to increase their output and performance, but perhaps geographically landlocked, will be able to instantly benefit from this retrofit.

What You Need to Know about the Catalytic IR Dryer

Catalytic drying creates energy as an infrared light wavelength. This occurs by breaking apart the natural gas supplied to it and passing it through a preheated catalytic membrane. It is important to understand that there is never any flame. Rather, the chemical reaction described creates an exothermic reaction that generates energy in the form of infrared wavelengths.

GasCat dryers generate a specific medium wave-length. This “perfect range” of IR wavelength (3.0-3.5 micron) elevates our technology from other systems on the market. With this precision, we more efficiently cross-link/cure all automotive refinish products for immediate sanding, buffing, and/or re-assembly the moment the product returns to room temperature.

Additional Features Include:

  • Largest gas catalytic panel area on the market
  • Parabolic Arch design for even drying
  • Lower operational temps for optimal performance
  • Proprietary catalytic material specific for automotive
  • Dries in the forward and reverse direction
  • Direct drive system for smoother operation
  • Multi-temperature sensors for accurate drying
  • Programmable start/stop zones, which equals no mapping
  • Simple design reduces moving parts
  • Certified to ATEX, UL, ETL and IEC-X standards


Through our relationship with Garmat USA, Rely On Technologies continues to bring our customers the latest automotive refinish technologies first while still providing the high quality service and support we’ve offered for over 40 years.