Rely On Technologies has always worked with auto manufacturers to stay ahead of future trends in collision repair. Our new, fully automated, aluminum isolation zone roll up curtain system make spray booths more complete.

Partnering with Ford last year, Rely On has made several presentations to the sales reps at Ford Rotunda to discuss the Ford Body Shop Program certification for the 2015 Ford F-150 aluminum truck.

Requiring that in order for certification, a shop owner must “have a work separation system that isolates aluminum vehicles from vehicles undergoing steel repairs – separation can be a separate room or curtain system.”

Many shop owners, especially on the west coast, are already maxed out on space allocated for the collision center, cannot dedicate more space for another separate work station dedicated for aluminum repair.

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So what’s the solution? The Roll Up Curtain System by Rely On. It’s a simple system that is quick to install by Rely On’s Award winning installation team that can turn any stall into an aluminum prep station, ready for Ford Certification. And when the aluminum repair job is complete, the curtains automatically roll up out of the way, and the stall is returned back to normal use. Two stalls in one! For inquiries on purchase & installation, please call Al Ortiz III at (714) 804-3054.