Routine maintenance is vital for your paint booth. When heavily investing in your body shop with a booth, regular care is essential to maximize your equipment’s usage. Doing so will ultimately allow your paint booth to last decades.

At Rely On, we only supply top of the line quality equipment. Nevertheless, our equipment requires the right maintenance in cleaning and care. We outlined five essential tips for caring for your paint booth:

  1. Prevent Over-Spray;
  2. Service the Fan;
  3. Maintain the Air Unit;
  4. Remove Contaminants; and
  5. Clear Debris.


  1. Prevent Over-Spray

Over-spray is a common problem all body shops face when regularly spraying. Paint build-up occurs on your floors, walls, ceilings, and even on equipment. To prevent that, you should use a spray-on paint booth coating. It is very easy to peel off and protects surrounding surfaces from over-spray and other contaminants. To protect lights, layer a mask over them to avoid over-spray build-up. Further, we recommend taking the necessary steps to prevent over-spray from getting on the light fixtures in your booth.

  1. Service the Fan

The paint-booth fan is one of the few things that will need to be consistently maintained.

In following the specified maintenance plan, we recommend maintaining a high-quality filter at all times. Filters prevent over-spray from accumulating on the vehicles and equipment in your shop. However, filters should be replaced on a regular maintenance schedule. If you do not have a set schedule, then you will very likely end up with over-spray. Most booths are standardized with a manometer, which informs you of the booth’s air quality and whether or not a filter change is needed.

  1. Maintain the Air Unit

The maintenance for your air units will depend on the manufacturer. Depending on the manufacturer, your air unit will come with step-by-step instructions for regular care.

  1. Remove Contaminants

To prevent contaminants from getting inside, be sure all necessary areas have been sealed with either sealant or caulk. However, you should also regularly clean the interior of your booth through standard methods as specified in the step-by-step instructions. Again, doing so will maintain the longevity of your equipment.

  1. Clear Debris

Despite all effort, your booth will catch debris and build up will occur. There are a few options available. We recommend layering a booth coating over the interior of a dirty booth to remove debris. Other options include installing non-sparking scrapers or cleaning the interior with a solvent solution with a sponge mob.

We caution to not use a cotton mop. Doing so will only add to the built-up debris and further damage your paint booth.

Rely On Can Help!

At Rely On Technologies, we work to uphold production efficiencies both for your shop. We are dedicated to helping you save on your cost of operation through long-term maintenance and regular care. Our Garmat USA equipment is designed to reduce energy consumption, giving you the best possible return on your investment.

Every product and every improvement is developed with your business goals in mind—Lowering your operating costs and increasing your production. Let Rely On guide you on the proper preservation of your investment!