Garmat spray booths offer the most effective airflow in the market. Engineered with production enhancing features that help increase your throughput while decreasing your operating costs. High efficiency throughout, whether it be incorporated in the actual operation of the spray booth or simplifying maintenance to ensure continued optimal performance. The 3000 Series is Garmat USA’s top of the line downdraft spray booth. It has superior airflow and the most effective lighting in any booth available in the market today.

The 3000 Series offers:

  • Dual-skin insulated, white powder-coated G-90 galvanized steel wall panels
  • Full downdraft air flow with a 3-Row/Center Pit configuration
  • 10-ft wide product entry doors with large view observation windows
  • Horizontally oriented light fixtures for virtually shadow free illumination
  • Energy efficient 5000K color corrected T-8 bulbs
  • Direct fired burners and high efficiency motors
  • Lightweight, heavy duty grates for easier filter maintenance
  • Recycle on bake for energy efficient operation
  • User friendly Touchscreen Control Panel with optional smart phone and data retrieval capabilities
  • Dual inlet reverse incline fans for unmatched airflow

Rely On takes great pride in providing auto body shops with innovative equipment such as the 3000 Series. The 3000 Series features downdraft airflow: clean air is forced in through the ceiling intake plenum and exhausted out of a pit located in the flooring. The supply and exhaust filter is designed for the high-pressure velocity of the area of the booth providing consistent air flow required for a quality paint job. In turn, positive pressure within the paint booth prevents contamination from entering the booth. As a result, cleaner air translates into higher quality paint jobs. Let Rely On Technologies and Garmat USA take your shop into the future of automotive re-finishing!