If you are considering buying an industrial spray system, there are plenty of options available. Because industrial spray booths can be costly, customers typically gravitate towards discounted options that come from overseas companies. However, many of these foreign industrial spray systems prove problematic to the welfare of your company.

The Overseas Problem

When you purchase an industrial spray system from an overseas vendor, problems emerge with their legitimacy and their product’s efficiency. Since the said-company does not exist in our markets, they perhaps do not follow the same national standards as Rely-On set by administrations as OSHA. Customers must be cautious of whom they work with and how their expenses are allocated.

Even if the company is legitimate, foreign industrial spray systems go through a timely process from development to shipment. Complaints from customers in regards to said companies range from their systems arriving damaged and/or unusable. Industrial spray systems are delicate and require care in order to protect the product’s efficiency.

Choosing a domestic company with a verifiable reputation is the best resolution. Consider online reviews, recommendations from friends and colleagues, and the company’s history as you invest in your business.

What to Consider

Presumably, the discount is the draw of foreign industrial spray systems. Labor and resources required for development may be inexpensive if assembled in a different country—allowing the company to sell the product at a lower rate than American markets. A safer choice is to purchase an industrial spray system from a well-recognized, high quality domestic company. While customers invest more up-front, they save in expenditures long-term if you consider the repairs and replacement parts a foreign spray system would require.

Our Installation Advantage

Non-domestic vendors cannot offer you a full installation. Industrial spray systems are complex and tricky to install, so customers should not be left to deal with installation. These systems are often massive and require a team for the installation process. Many domestic vendors fully install their products. This is an important consideration when you are deliberating between different options. Choose a vendor that offers full installation so that you do not have to worry about getting your system up and running.