With painting objects both large and small, it is important that proper ventilation be utilized. Painting large objects, such as fleet trucks or space crafts, can result in hazardous pollutants. Paint fumes need to be controlled, and everyone should be well protected, including the environment. At Rely-On, we know the importance of proper ventilation and offer a number of different custom paint booths to service your painting needs.

Ventilation Systems

The ventilation systems present in our Rely-On paint booths include downdraft booths, semi-downdraft booths, cross-draft booths, and more. All of these systems have their advantages and can be great options when using a custom paint booth.

Downdraft Booths: These booths take in air through the ceiling and release the air after filtering it through the floor. The air in a downdraft booth is directed in a downward motion, hence the name. Any paint that is sprayed in this booth immediately descends, and the painter is untouched by the fumes.

Semi-Downdraft Booths: These booths allow air to come in through ceiling filters or the door and eliminate air through the back of the booth or the floor. There are a number of ways that air can enter and exit, and they are all efficient. It is important the painter position himself upstream from the paint spray in this kind of booth.

Cross-Draft Booths: The air in this booth is pulled from outside and passes through filters on the door. Air is then released through filters at the back of the paint booth. As with other booths, the painter should always position himself so that he is upstream from the object being painted.

Proper ventilation is important for a number of reasons. It reduces the amount of pollutants being released and protects the painter and others nearby. Furthermore, it prevents dangerous emissions from escaping and causing fire or even explosions.

Custom Paint Booth Filters

Our paint booths utilize special intake filters that clean the air before it enters the vicinity. Impressively, these filters can remove between 90 and 99 percent of the dangerous particles found in the spray booth exhaust stream! Filters are incredibly important, and you should change them regularly and dispose of them properly.

Rely-On Custom Paint Booths

Rely-On Technologies has a number of custom paint booths that can accommodate your painting needs. We offer spray booths for collision repair, fleets, truck and RV, and even custom spray booths. All of these use the latest ventilation systems. Other features include heated/cooled air makeup, drive-through doors, side load with tracks, and inside vehicle lifts.

At Rely-On we strive to provide you with the custom paint booths you need at an affordable price, while keeping you safe. Check out our quality booths and ventilation systems today and give us a call at 562-697-7095.