For our Southern California clients (and future clients!), the gatekeeper to a successful installation is SCAQMD – South Coast Air Quality Management District. Every approved and licensed regulation that Rely On Technologies conducted in Southern California has met all requirements by AQMD. Naturally, we want to keep you up to date on all new policies to keep your booth running and your shop open!

Who is AQMD?

South Coast AQMD develops and enforces an Air Quality Management Plan for bringing the Southern California Basin into compliance with the clean air standards established by national and state governmental legislation. AQMD regulates all stationary sources of possible air pollution.

What do I need to know?

The key policy to familiarize yourself with is SCAQMD Rule 1147. The rule regulates ovens, dryers, furnaces, afterburners, incinerators, and other equipment used for metal casting, forging, heat treating, coating and curing operations, drying, asphalt manufacturing, and printing operations.

When is my spray booth subject to Rule 1147 emission limits?

Per AQMD, “All new permitted spray booths rated at ≥325,000 BTU/HR are required to demonstrate compliance with the NOx emission limit. Existing permitted units with emissions less than 1 pound per day must demonstrate compliance with the emission limit at 35 years of age, when the combustion system is modified or replaced, or when the spray booth burner is replaced. However, there are a number of options available in the rule to delay compliance dates. These options for delaying compliance dates are found in the following sections of Rule 1147: (c)(15) and (c)(16) for < 1 pound/day units, and (c)(14) for any applicable units.”

What else do I need to know?

For further reading, please see the adjoining pamphlet that will answer all your questions!

Rest assured, Rely On Technologies will be your guide to navigate through AQMD. Our reputation speaks for itself in ensuring that your installation process is seamless, up to code, and with ease!