Any new construction or business expansion is a sign of a thriving economy. As more customers walk through your front door, your ability to grow—while maintaining the same level of customer satisfaction—is tied to the flow and capability of the shop itself. Expansion is inevitable when production reaches its maximum output. Growth is necessary in a thriving economy.

Luckily for you, Rely-On Technologies built a forty-year-old business of building finishing and re-finishing facilities. Our services range from complete spray booth installation in an independently owned business, to transforming any empty building into a state-of-the-art eight spray booth car dealership and collision center. Even though we love our single booth operations, we thrive on the challenge of building multiple booth facilities.

Large equipment installations begin with planning. Often times, we receive e-file plans in an e-mail that is followed by a phone call. Most of the time, we work against a timeline of normally over a year for completion. With multiple projects in process, planning is critical for a smooth installation. Using the latest cloud based project management software, we develop an overall plan with the client that will meet their schedule and ensure the project will end on time—if not ahead of schedule!

However, the reality is that you need flexibility in the time frame; that is where the planning team at Rely On thrives. We provide the client, general contractor, and anyone else attached to the project weekly reports to ensure the project is on track. With proper planning, multiple spray booth installation projects become more manageable and installers can get through quickly and efficiently. With shops growing in size to accommodate growth, know the team at Rely-On Technologies can handle you spray booth needs no matter what the job size!