Carvana – Silicon Valley Meets Collision Repair

Founded in 2013, Carvana is a nationally recognized tech-based company that is changing how previously-owned vehicles are marketed and sold. With phenomenal growth in their short few years (over 100,000 cars sold in 2018), Carvana is ramping up sales and supply for 2020, which includes building reconditioning facilities for automobiles throughout the United States.

One beta facility was built in Tolleson, Arizona (roughly 20 miles outside of Phoenix), which has become Carvana’s model for high volume, quick turnaround minor collision repair. In 2018, Carvana contracted with Rely On Technologies and Garmat USA to build out 3 EA – 4 booth side load equipment booth spray lines this facility (12 booths total). Each paint line can refinish 30 vehicles per day. In addition, we installed shared paint mix rooms throughout the shop, allowing for quick and easy access to paint supply. We installed the most advanced equipment available on the market that would meet the needs of Carvana.

The installation was broken up into two phases. Phase one consisted of the initial installation of 8 Garmat side-load booths, 2 floor track systems, and 1 master paint mix boom. This idea of a cart and track system originates from the manufacturing sector, essentially turning the shop into a reconditioning factory. Phase two would include 4 Garmat side-load booths, floor track system, and paint mix room. Since the track system would bridge over booth exhaust tunnels, Garmat USA designed special track hardware so that vehicles would be adequately supported while allowing for ease in servicing of exhaust floor filters. As a whole, the system allows for the individual technician to load a car onto carts, and then push it sideways through the 4 booth system until completion.

To continue the standards and innovation in our engagement with Carvana, Garmat USA, working with local distributors, is currently establishing a national service program to ensure that the equipment installed continues to produce exceptional results. With almost 40 years of experience, Rely On Technologies, partnered with Garmat USA, truly embodies the vertical integration business model when working with large refinishers that require a one stop shop.