With every new paint booth, permitting is rapidly becoming more difficult than the actual installation of finishing equipment itself. As the California automotive industry continues to expand, the protocol required by South Coast AQMD for permitting finishing equipment continues to grow as well through new requirements in building technologies, safety standards, and environmental legislation’s. Despite these obstacles, Rely-On Technologies is rapidly establishing itself to be at the forefront of finishing equipment contractors on the West Coast through the expertise we have to get these permits with ease. As a general contractor, Rely-On is bidding, not only for the equipment contract, but also for the office build-outs and permitting compliance projects as well.

Recently, Caliber Collision Centers approached Rely-On with one such project: they needed a “one stop shop” for their new location in Whittier, CA. On top of a new Garmat downdraft paint booth and Garmat mix room, Caliber needed a complete building remodel of the new facility as well as Title 24 energy conservation upgrades. Rely-On started with the demo work of the existing offices, as well as the all of the concrete work outside for the new gates and underground electrical runs. For the offices, this required existing walls to be torn down, bathrooms to be expanded, new offices to be built, and electrical utilities to be run. Part of the ADA (Disability) upgrades included a proper handicap accessible sidewalk in the front of the building. Once we completed the exterior, we then focused on the interior of the shop—the bathrooms were tiled, computer server room completed, desks installed, and a beautiful reception desk complete with Caliber Collision branding was completed. With the offices nearing completion, final inspections were called on the spray booth equipment.

Ultimately, the city came back and inspected the rest of the remodel, and Rely-On finished the project, and turned everything over to Caliber Collision Centers a few weeks ahead of schedule. As the state of California continues to evolve, building codes and permitting requirements for finishing equipment will require many more formalities when installing body repair equipment. Rely-On specializes in the world of contracting around it needed to get the final sign off. More importantly, we specialize in the final approval that you need in today’s industry.