On September 29, 2013, SpaceX launched the Falcon 9 v1.1 Rocket, also known as “Grasshopper,” into orbit. The rocket carried the Cassiope payload in its bay and aimed to test the potential for reusable rockets. SpaceX used a Garmat USA spray booth to finish the outer aesthetics and protective layers of their rocket. The spray booth used to paint the rocket was designed, manufactured, and installed through a joint venture by RelyOn and Garmat. From the initial concept provided by the rocket scientists of SpaceX, RelyOn and Garmat designed a paint booth to better equip external coatings of rockets like the Grasshopper for an atmosphere above ground level and harsher than what we are used to. As a well-recognized customer of RelyOn, SpaceX demonstrates that we cater to your applicative finishing needs—whether for vehicles, industrial equipment, or something beyond known limits!

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Finishing Systems for The Aerospace Industry