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Today’s leading manufacturing companies use metal finishing systems in their processes. Industries that utilize such applications include, but not limited to, automotive, aerospace, hardware, jewelry, household appliances, electronics, and telecommunications.

Prevalence of Metal Finishing

Metal finishing is crucial to your product. With this application, the lifespan of your manufactured goods will tremendously increase and protect them from deterioration and corrosion. The finishing enhances electrical properties and the adhesive between all bonding agents and organic coatings. In addition, customers use metal finishing for adding a sheer appearance to their final product.

This application incorporates a broad range of measures to achieve the best results for whatever your company needs or desires. These finishes include paint, ceramic, lacquer, alloy, and any other protective surface treatment.

Does your business depend on metal finishing? How can this treatment expand the lifespan of your product? What are your customers looking for? Here at RelyOn, we will work with you to ensure that you produce the highest of quality goods and guarantee your clientele’s satisfaction.

The 2013 MFASC Supplier Showcase

Here at RelyOn, we specialize in paint spray applications for all businesses, such as paint spraybooths. We guarantee the latest application tools for paint spraying that meets the criteria established in air pollution regulations.

On September 10, 2013, the Metal Finishing Association of Southern California (MFASC) held their annual Supplier Showcase at the Quiet Cannon in Montebello, CA. One of the largest and competitive associations in the industry, the MFASC works to further metal finishing, electroplating, enameling, galvanizing, powder coating, and all related finishing processes. Not only do they guarantee the latest in metal finishing applications, but also the MFASC strive to ensure all products on the market are environmentally safe. Here at RelyOn, we take pride in our products that continuously leave customers satisfied and meet all safety and health regulations.

RelyOn exhibited the latest in metal finishing for automotive painting by Garmat USA—highlighting the tools your company needs in order to thrive in an ever-growing and competitive industry. Two of our company’s personnel, Al Ortiz and Karen Mendez, attended the show to present customers and colleagues what the market has to offer for every need. Mendez states, “Our goal was to educate visitors on why their businesses can benefit from our products. It’s not just about customer satisfaction—but also protecting the environment. Why can’t we accomplish both?” Likewise, Ortiz commented on the event, claiming, “This was definitely one of our best shows. Not only did we reconnect with past colleagues looking to improve their businesses, but we also met new competitors who were unfamiliar with our thirty-year legacy. It was a reminder why we survived for so long. We adapt. We change. We grow.” With metal finishing, RelyOn continues to evolve with the market’s demand.