The Golden State’s Not-So-Golden Reality

California is the capital of automotive design and engineering, with Rely-On Technologies at the epicenter of this industry. Rely-On is the company capable of providing the industry a complete turnkey project installation. We continue to build operating paint finishing systems in a state with the highest population; the toughest air pollution, city, and zoning regulations; booming manufacturing and tech industries; massive entry ports on one side; and a world class transit exiting on the other. Unfortunately/fortunately, this continues to hamper many out of state equipment manufacturers and suppliers from entering the market. Essentially, the “red tape” killed them.

Rely-On is now poised to say to these suppliers – bring us your projects. With our abilities to provide all-inclusive services, we can assure the industry that local engineering and experienced contractors are available. Our almost 40 years of integration into the fabric of the state allows us to provide extensive sourcing services for local and out of state providers as required. Plus, our longevity is guaranteed with the commitment of the third generation of this family owned business.

The California Model – Rely-On’s Approach

In California, everything begins in the planning department. At Rely-On, we specialize in this “hard to get” permitting and licensing process. Rely-On technologies comprises of fully licensed engineers who utilize every code requirement to meet every hurdle that would normally bring a project to a halt. We work with your business to site survey a new location, regardless if the site has been built or is scheduled to be built in the future. We visit the local building department and research any conditional use permitting, or special requirements (ADA, Title 24) before the client commits to a project. Once the pre-planning list has been made, we typically break the project up to the different sub-contracts. With every project, we provide all required licensing, insurances, and bonding. We work in tandem with the planning department, building and safety, fire department, and air quality; if you represent a gross polluter, or facing CEQA and Title V air quality regulations—we guarantee turnkey work on time.