If you are a supplier for spray booth manufacturers, such as Rohner, GFS, Colmet, etc., and you are located outside of California, chances are that you have had to turn away business based out of California due to lack of resources.

Doing spray booth installations in California is no easy task. Let’s examine some reasons why it is so difficult:

  1. Stringent air quality guidelines
  2. Toughest labor laws
  3. Strict city engineers
  4. State permitting
  5. Local permitting
  6. Equipment permitting

As an out-of-state supplier without resources, projects can take over 3 years to complete. With your reputation on the line, it probably does not seem worth the risk.

However, you could be missing out on some very lucrative projects. The demand for finishing and coating spray booth systems in California is vastly growing:

  • Military, aerospace, automotive and technical industries are booming in California and they all need finishing systems for production.
  • California draws in businesses because it has three of the four largest ports in the US, making it easy to export products.
  • The nearly perfect weather attracts corporate offices to open in the major cities and as the corporation expands, multiple factories are built outside of the city, requiring new equipment.

When a customer sends over an RFP for their location in California, how do you get through this widely known “red tape”?

The process is so simple. All you have to do is partner with RelyOn Technologies, Inc. RelyOn is a fully licensed contracting company that has been doing spray booth installations in the state of California for nearly 40 years. Here is the process that makes RelyOn different than other contractors:

  1. RelyOn works with your customer to site survey the location on both existing sites and sites in the process of being built.
  2. RelyOn will visit the local building department and research any conditional use permitting or special requirements (ADA, Title 24) before your customer even commits to the project.
  3. In California, everything begins in the planning department. The project is evaluated as a whole before any drawings are turned in for permitting.
  4. A pre-planning list is then made and the project is broken up to the different sub-contractors.
  5. All sets of plans are then drawn up.
  6. All insurances and preliminary liens required by your customer are provided.
  7. RelyOn handles all correspondence with the city planning department, building and safety department, fire department and air quality department.
  8. CEQA and Title V air quality regulations are also managed, if needed.
  9. All permitting expressly handled through RelyOn.
  10. Projects are guaranteed to be completed on time and on budget.

All you have to do is sell the equipment to your customer and RelyOn will handle the rest.

Please take some time to look over our latest projects, https://relyonusa.com/projects/.

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If you need a quote, you can call us directly at 562-697-7095 or submit a request through https://relyonusa.com/request-a-quote/.

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