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The 2013 Southern California Automotive Trade Show on June 26 proved successful for vendors and attendees alike! Hosted by Toby Chess, the exhibition at the Sheraton hotel in Cerritos, CA featured a vast array of automotive enthusiasts and entrepreneurs. Under the guise of Al Ortiz Jr., president and founder of RelyOn Technologies, our team spearheaded into an evening of education correspondence with colleagues from across the state.

Among the contributors, the show featured guest speakers who shared knowledge of their respective fields. These invitees included: Tom Brizuela, National Trainer of BMW; Joe DiDonato, National Trainer of Toyota; Ken Boylan, International Trainer; and Mark Allen, Collision Director for Audi of North America. These men presented on their experiences working for Audi, BMW, Porsche, and Toyota.

We at RelyOn Technologies gained priceless information and networked with some of the automotive industry’s top figures who made this night a sensation. Karen Mendez and Alfonso Ortiz III, marketing director and sales representative of RelyOn respectively, conversed with trade show veterans and newcomers who brought the latest innovations in vehicle technology repairs. They learned from colleagues who shared the same desire for knowledge in an ever-growing field. Mendez states, “The show benefited RelyOn in many ways. For me, I learned the tools needed to take our business into the twenty-first century. I can’t wait to see what the next show brings!” Her recollection demonstrates the importance for small and/or private businesses like us to maintain a connection with the latest developments in the automotive repair industry—proving that the only thing constant is change.

With over 300 exhibitors, we did not limit our time to the more recognized, auto body dealerships. Mendez and Ortiz met owners and managers from businesses that include, but not limited, to: Finishmaster, Fix Auto USA, Mitchell International, and Sherwin Williams Automotive Finishes. Meeting with local and private owned business leaders such as ourselves presented us with invaluable insights of southern California communities.

An eventful night filled with networking and camaraderie, the 2013 Southern California Trade Show exceeded our expectations. We arrived with information to share with esteemed colleagues and left with tools that strengthen Rely-On and continue to make it the success that it is today.