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Rely-On Technologies recently launched a formalized service program available to all auto body shops. With machinery that affects the quality paint sprayed onto your client’s vehicles, it is imperative to ensure your paint booth and/or adjoining equipment is functioning and maintained on a regular basis.

What called for this new program? Over the years, multi-shop owners continued to reach out to Rely-On for some sort of scheduled upkeep  to their paint booths. What we found is that original shop owners often purchased booths, had them installed into their shops, and would use the equipment for decades without any routine maintenance, upkeep, and replacement of supplemental items such as filters – only to replace the equipment in its entirety sometime later. However, this tainted the production quality with issues such as low quality paint jobs with impurities, insufficient filters to contain debris, ultimately leading to frustrated customers.

How does this work? Rely-On is currently backlogging the schematics and parts specifications per each equipment installed in a body shop. With these records, we are building individualized lifespan per piece of machinery so that we can work with you to ensure your equipment is running efficiently and is well maintained. Our goal is to archive every aspect of your booth so that when we service it in the future, we can provide you and ourselves with a detailed record of what is needed to match the original quality of work you sought from us.

Let Rely-On maximize the life of your equipment. Call us today to begin your servicing and give your equipment the attention it needs!