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Every New Year’s celebration presents an opportunity to make a resolution and have a fresh start. Our goal this year at Rely On Technologies is to expand into the industrial sector by bringing in equipment lines specific to the business of building factories. With the addition of the Rohner Equipment line, we aim to expand our services to include complete finishing lines, both liquid coating and dry powder coating. From industrial batch ovens to full conveyor systems, to blast booths, Rely On now offers a complete line for industrial finishing. After finishing a successful 2017, we already hit the ground running strong in 2018.

If the leap into the industrial finishing sector was not enough, Rely On now possesses the tools and technology needed to fully outfit a shop, including offices, bathrooms, exterior landscape, IT rooms, etc. After several successful commercial renovations in 2017, Rely On Technologies is geared to add even more projects in 2018. Still early into January, we already successfully completed installations with our new services, namely with Caliber Collison in Whittier CA. Caliber was the latest commercial remodel to be completed by Rely On, and it finished before the grand opening, and under budget. With several more projects already on the board for 2018, the construction portion of our business is already off to a good start!

Rely On’s customers have always shown interest building structures from the ground up by customers looking for a one-stop shop. For example, having built a 12,000 sq. ft. building in Alhambra for New Century BMW, Rely On oversaw the project in its entirety, concluding with the ribbon cutting during its grand opening. This project was a multi-phase build; from the initial meeting with the city planners, to the presentations in front of the city council, to plan review and on to final inspection, this project took well over a year to complete. With the success of New Century BMW, Rely On is confident in turning your vision into a reality.

With many new untapped opportunities for us to seek, 2018 is turning into a banner year, not only for Rely On Technologies, but for our customers as well. We look forward to working with you in bringing success to your body shops and industrial facilities.