At Rely-On Technologies, we offer top quality fiberglass spray booth systems and fiberglass finishing systems. If you are involved in the process of fiberglass manufacturing, you know that many hazards can occur during production. It is imperative that proper safety measures be taken for your protection. A key factor in fiberglass finishing safety is a spray booth. It protects both the worker and the public from debris. With a spray booth, you control the use of your materials and maintain a clean workspace. When choosing a fiberglass booth unit, you should consult with a professional to determine the ideal style for your application.

The Hazards of Fiberglass Finishing

There are many hazards involved in fiberglass finishing. Laminate operations such as this produce increased levels of styrene—a chemical vapor that is harmful to one’s health. In addition, excessive noise in the spray booth as well as the areas for grinding can lead to serious damage. However, this process also produces a significant amount of dust that can lead to negative health effects. Fiberglass finishing sometimes causes burns due to contact between dangerous chemicals and one’s eyes or skin. It is imperative that appropriate safety measures always be taken during the fiberglass finishing process because of these various hazards.

Using Spray Booths for Safety

A spray booth is your best option when it comes to fiberglass finishing safety. Spray booths contain an exhaust system that removes chemical vapors from the surrounding air and prevents workers from breathing them in. The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health specifies that the rate of airflow in your spray booth should be at least 200 feet per minute. In addition, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires an air velocity rate of at least 100 feet per minute. Harmful chemicals in the air without a spray booth will negatively affect your health.

How to Choose a Fiberglass Spray Booth System

There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing the right fiberglass spray booth and finishing system for your application. First, assess the amount of available space for installation, the size required for your project, and the number of workers who need to use the booth. Second, determine the style of cabin and airflow that you need. Spray booths can be either closed or open faced, and they come in multiple airflow styles such as full down draft, semi down draft, side draft, and cross flow. Finally, take into account the method and goals of your fiberglass finishing project. Consult with Rely-On Technologies to determine the best system for you.

Why Rely-On Technologies

For all of your fiberglass spray booth and fiberglass finishing system needs, trust Rely-On Technologies and our thirty years of experience in the spray booth industry. We customize spray booths to suit your application and our team will consult with your company to determine the ideal system for your fiberglass project.