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GT Collision, Huntington Beach

paint booth gt collision

With strict city guidelines, building a collision center in Huntington Beach required much expertise. Rely-On assisted GT Collision Center with city meetings to get plans approved. GT Collision was in a rush to get the production line ready and Rely-On managed to have a 27’ Garmat Hi-Roof semi-downdraft paint booth delivered 2 months faster than the usual delivery time. In fact, the entire process of getting the equipment ordered and delivered, construction complete and installation finalized took less than 8 weeks. Because Rely-On is fully licensed and bonded to do the construction, choosing Rely-On to be your partnered vendor is the easiest decision you’ll ever make because you’ll know that you are getting a quality product and a quality installation.

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Caliber Collision, Orange

Watch this time lapsed video to see how Rely-On converted some used spray booth equipment into exactly what Caliber Collision needed for their City of Orange location. Rely-On started the project by drafting all the plans to submit to the city. Upon approval, the spray booth equipment was then broken down from the original facility, packaged into crates and transferred. The equipment was then configured to meet the needs for the new location:

  • The spray booths were remanufactured to be 5 feet longer
  • The prep booths were changed from a drive in-back out configuration to a fully enclosed double prep drive thru booth
  • Additional materials were reworked into the paint mix room
  • Garmat grated pits were installed
  • Light fixtures were converted to be more energy efficient
  • Low Nox Garmet burners were added to all units
  • All duct work was constructed

Rely-On’s design team seamlessly managed the project from start to finish. From drafting the plans, to the equipment reconfiguration and all of the construction in between, Rely-On exercised its unbeatable expertise in serving the automotive collision industry.

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Ben Clymer’s “The Body Shop”

Rely-On has been Ben Clymer’s preferred vendor for spray booth systems for over twenty five years.

Rely-On has installed Garmat spray booths at five different locations.

Now the owner is starting to manufacture limousines and limousine buses and Rely-On provided a fully integrated and heated full sized truck spray booth with additional dust collection equipment.

Visit Ben Clymer’s “The Body Shop” for more details.