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COVID-19 Press Release


Rely-On Technologies and J-Max Construction takes preventative measures for COVID-19, Fullerton, CA (March 17, 2020) Rely-On Technologies and J-Max Construction are taking action steps to upgrade our protocols to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Effective immediately, Rely-On and J-Max placed a moratorium on all travel to clients and job sites requiring air; all other methods of travel (car, train, etc.) will be restricted to an “as-needed” basis. In an effort to uphold social distancing, all non-essential reasons will be determined case to case.

Regarding our presence on client sites, Rely-On Technologies and J-Max Construction prioritizes the well-being and services for those who engage work with us; we ensure all work will continue as scheduled with our upgraded protocols. As a precaution, our field staff and subcontractors will visit client sites as needed. Our staff and subcontractors are subject to medical testing should they express any symptoms to the virus. If the case, all personnel will be pulled from the project until further notice and confirmation. Rely-On and J-Max will take every step to ensure the safety of our internal and field staff and subcontractors, as well as the health of our clients.

Regarding our company office, we restricted our Fullerton office to our administrative and operations staff. All field Rely-On and J-Max staff, vendors, subcontractors, and clients are prohibited from entering the premises, barring any reason deemed as-needed. Ergo, our field staff will remotely work. Should you require a visit to our office, please call Karen Mendez at (562) 697-7095.

To reiterate, all services will continue as scheduled. We ask that our colleagues and clients please be aware that this situation is rapidly developing each day. Rely-On Technologies and J-Max Construction personnel will continue to closely monitor this situation and provide updates if anything changes.

For questions regarding our services, please contact Al Ortiz, Jr., President, at (562) 773-2324 and/or relyon.sales@gmail.com.

For questions regarding our administration or office, please contact Karen Mendez, Operations Manager, at (562) 697-7095 and/or karenm.relyon@gmail.com.

For questions regarding all COVID-19 protocols for Rely-On Technologies and J-Max Construction, please contact Raymond Ortiz, Human Resources Manager and Director, Project Development, at hr.relyonsb@gmail.com.