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New Century BMW

New Century BMW

RelyOn technologies has always found ways to challenge itself by taking on more and more challenging projects, as a way to continue growing and building as a company. When New Century BMW came to RelyOn, they presented an opportunity to do just that. Already happy with the spray booth installation RelyOn installed back in 2012, New Century wanted to see if RelyOn knew of a builder who could come in and bid a project to build a 10,000 sq ft. building add-on for their collision center. Of course, the challenge presented is that other than simple structures, such as storage units or canopies, RelyOn had never built a free standing structure in the past. Knowing that over the 35+ years in business RelyOn had built up a relationship with the people who do build such structures, RelyOn was confident they could tackle this project and deliver in the time allotted, while dealing with the City Of Alhambra and a client who only knows how to deliver perfection.

As a company that has spent years standing up steel, RelyOn felt like this was the way to go in regards to the type of building they could erect. There are always other building types, block or concrete tilt-up for example, but the sleek look of steel fit right in with the streamline look of the BMW cars it would later house. Also, RelyOn knew it would have to present a favorable budget to keep the client happy. With the ink still drying on the contract, RelyOn had already started with their game plan to submit a set of engineered drawings to the City of Alhambra. This would consist with several meetings and presentations to the general public, something that RelyOn was unfamiliar with. Renderings of the buildings would have to be made, site surveys would have to be conducted, and even a plan for the recycling excavated materials would have to be written. Yes! This job would be a “green” project and would all have to be in place before the plans were submitted to the city. Quite a bit of work before one permit was even issued.

With everything finally submitted, RelyOn was tasked with now having to deal with the individual departments involved with city planning. Slowly, one by one the permits were acquired and the steel building was ordered and ready to be delivered. The site was prepared, new concrete foundations were cut and poured, and underground utilities were installed. All that was left was to “raise iron”. With the building erection underway, individual inspections had to be coordinated and scheduled based on a series of milestones pre-determined by Rely On during the planning stages. One by one the milestones were checked off, and a final sign off was obtained for the project. The keys were handed over and New Century promptly began loading on the cars. Looking like a brand new kitchen appliance, the building was a beautiful addition to the dealership, and a new fixture for the gateway to Alhambra.

With compliments from the owner of the dealership, and plans for future buildings in the works, RelyOn provided superior customer, face to face service that has been the foundation of this company for over 35 years. Whether we are installing a single spray booth, or building the structure to house it in, RelyOn Technologies works side by side with the client to complete the project on time and on budget, one project at a time.

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