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Caliber Collision Costa Mesa

Caliber Collision Costa Mesa

When Caliber Collision Centers purchased the Hi-Tech Collision Group, restructuring the new Costa Mesa acquisition to meet their standards became the first order of business. The shop—a mark of excellence and tradition for over thirty years in Costa Mesa—required the latest in spray booth technology to begin its new chapter with Caliber. The shell of their existing spray booth, a custom-designed booth made of stainless steel, appeared ageless and brand new. However, under the facade of stainless steel appeared a spray booth with decades of ware from painting and refurbishing vehicles. With needed office renovations, immense parking lot issues, and the necessity of handicap upgrades, Caliber turned to RelyOn Technologies to breathe new life into this shop.

The Challenge:

RelyOn faced a challenge when bringing this shop up to the latest standards established under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). These regulations require a new handicap accessible ramp at the entrance on the location and two handicap-parking stalls on the lot. Having complied with ADA requirements, RelyOn’s leading contractors took their previous experience on this predicament and fulfilled all building and safety requirements set forth by the city planner. RelyOn also subcontracted specialists to perform the necessary upgrades to the building, such as installing the ramps and laying out the parking spots. As a result, Caliber Collision received a city permit to operate in no time!

Our solution:

Once we received all needed permits, RelyOn installed a new Garmat Tier 1 drive-through spray booth in front of the existing booth under a canopy taller than the equipment itself. RelyOn properly exhausted the spray booth with little custom field duct working for the limited space and provided Caliber Collision with another clean, concise, and reliable installation process without headache.

What separates us from other competitors?

Every job RelyOn encounters faces setbacks and delays. In this situation, Costa Mesa required that Caliber bring this new branch up current ADA specifications. If not, then they would not gain the permits to operate. RelyOn attained a permit in a timely fashion, immediately began the spray booth installation, and kept Caliber operating and flowing smoothly during the renovations. Many cities use the latest spray booth equipment to upgrade similar businesses to current codes—ADA or otherwise. RelyOn positions itself as not only a spray booth company, but also as experienced contractors in permit filing and plan development. RelyOn proves capable in any project from beginning to end.

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