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Caliber Collision Hemet

Caliber Collision Hemet

This past month, Rely On Technologies completely a project for a remodeled body shop in Hemet, CA. This overhaul was unique in that Rely On brought new life to the overall facility, which included:

OFFICE TILE: Our team removed approximately 1,600 sq. ft. of carpet and four-inch rubber base; 100 sq. ft. of mosaic tile from bathroom floors. We then prepped the floor for ceramic tile and installed approximately 1,000 sq. ft. of floor tile. Lastly, we installed a four-inch rubber base in ceramic tile areas.

FRONT BUILDING: Next, our team renovated the walls in the shop and office; installed and framed a new wall for the bullpen; prepped the drywall and finished new wall; installed the new frame and door for new bullpen; installed new suspended ceiling and tile for bullpen; and remove and replaced all ceiling tile.

BACK BUILDING: We then focused on the back building. We replaced the door in back building; patched all walls in the restroom; removed and replaced drywall for plumbing repairs; and removed the wall AC unit, as well as patched interior and exterior walls.

REFRESHED ELECTRICAL: Moving to the interior, we repaired all electrical in the building and installed new LED lighting, power drops at the stalls, and electrical sub-panels and mains. To complete the electrical, we installed LED lighting in the parking lot and warehouse, fixed all HVAC units on the roof, and changed the coolers in the warehouse.

Finally, we painted all the walls and ceilings in the building, stripped the driveway, refinished the parking lot, refaced all of the cabinets, and changed all of the existing carpet.

Though a multifaceted project, Rely On continues to be at the forefront of auto collision innovation. Rely On strives to provide client satisfaction that reaches beyond the body shop. We want satisfaction in every area of your business for you and your clients.