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AutoNation Collision Phoenix

AutoNation Collision Phoenix

Over many years, Autonation and Rely On Technologies have partnered together on projects across Southern California. Previous installations include, but not limited to: Autonation Manhattan Beach, Autonation Torrance, and Autonation Lexus Long Beach. With recent growth in the economy, Autonation has engaged Rely On once again to guide them as they further their expansion into the Arizona. Adding to their many successful shops across the state, Rely On was now contracted by Autonation to set up a new body shop in the city of Phoenix. With our contractor license in Arizona, Rely On ensured that Autonation would receive the same quality installation and top-notch equipment they received from us in the past.

After determining the layout needed for the new shops, Rely On created a set of submittal plans for the city of Phoenix. The equipment that was installed included: (2) Garmat Downdraft Zephyr Drive Thru paint booths; (2) Garmat Downdraft Chinook II Drive Through Prep booths; (1) Garmat Paint Mix Room; and (1) Garmat Accelecure Waterborne Drying System per each main booth.

Once we received our approved plans, the installation process took eight weeks from start to finish. Rely On came across many hurdles that were more environmental than the expected “red flags” an inspector would typically note. Vastly different from our California geography, Arizona brought monsoons, power outages, and even sand storms that knocked utilities out for a week! Despite Mother Nature throwing us her finest elements, Rely On worked nonstop to install the booths, get them up and running, and ensured our engagement was on time for this new Autonation shop’s opening! As expected, city inspectors came through and signed off without any hesitation, and a permit was issued. Autonation Collision Phoenix received their “green stamp” of approval, and production began.

Rely On continues our 35-year legacy in ensuring quality and efficient spray booth and permit experience, as well as a hassle-free process for our clients. Storms of all shapes and sizes never hurdle the “Rely On Quality.” Autonation knows our product and service, and knows that we can complete a (4) booth installation in an eight-week time frame—and in any location. Let Rely On be your resource to guide you through any “storm” towards your next spray booth!

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