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Garmat® USA 20 Filter Racks Truck, Industrial, and Custom Spray Booth






Pit Style

Single Row

Airflow Configuration

Full Downdraft

Standard Cabin Configurations

Interior Length

44 ft 2-3/4 in.

Exterior Length

44 ft 6-3/4 in.

Interior Width

16 ft

Exterior Width

16 ft 8 in.

Entry Opening Width

12 ft

Interior Height

15 ft 11 in.

Exterior Height

18 ft 4-1/2 in.

Entry Opening Height

15 ft 9 in.

Filter Racks


Service Doors


Double Skin Panels 3 Row Lights


Double Skin Panels 2 Row Lights




Single Skin Panels 3 Row Lights


Single Skin Panels 2 Row Lights



  • Adjustable air flow
  • Reverse incline blades
  • Dual inlet fan
  • Belt driven
  • Lengths starting at 35′ and are available up to your specification
  • Heights and widths start at a standard of 16′ and can be increased or decreased as needed
  • Two or three rows of 4-Tube interior serviceable light fixtures

Additional Features

Entry / Exit Doors
Entry / Exit doors are not included with cabin to allow you the option of Electric Roll Up Doors, Swing/Barn Style Doors.

Maximum Control
Automatic cycles of spray, purge, bake and cool down can be pre-set or adjusted for each job. All units are supplied with listed electrical panels. Our control panels are built to make the operation of your cabin more efficient and affordable.

Personnel Access Doors
Side Service Doors are included to comply with local codes.


  • Single row pit with heavy-duty grates
  • Single cabin or divided
  • With or without doors or curtains
  • Drive In/Back out or drive-through cabins
  • Single wall or double wall fully insulated panels
  • With or without heat

Additional Information

CFM, Temperature rise and efficiency!

Garmat® USA offers many combinations of heated air make up units with 98% efficient direct fired burners. horse power and fan sizes are determined based upon your cabin size and specifications. Garmat® works with you to deliver the required cfm for your installation.

Garmat® USA, Inc. has many installations throughout North America in truck shops, RV paint facilities and manufacturing plants. Standard sizes from 35′ to 70′ in length, with widths and heights starting at 16′. Custom sizes are available. Although full downdraft capability is often desirable, pit-less versions are offered. Single or Double Skin fully insulated cabins.

Custom Prep Areas

Preparation Areas / CTOF’s can be built to accommodate your special needs. Available with or without pits. optional heat.