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Garmat has been making quality custom spray booths and accessories since 1988. All of the products sold by Garmat are manufactured and assembled in Englewood, Colorado. One of the most significant factors in the rapid growth of Garmat is its ceaseless dedication to industry innovation. The drive to innovate solutions for their customers has lead to patents on such industry-changing features as the Accele-cure air accelerator and circulation system, and the processes used in Garmat’s ground-breaking Modified Downdraft Models. Garmat’s engineers continue to use input directly from their customers and distributors to determine what new innovations the company will develop next.

Anyone who has purchased spray booths and spray booth products knows how difficult getting support can be. As a Garmat distributor, RelyOn has been trained on how to support all products at an expert level, and has direct access to a Garmat engineer who can help solve significant issues.

Garmat products are designed to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. They understand the concerns of their customers, and they also respect the need to keep our environment clean. An energy efficient spray booth is going to save you money and help your business to be more profitable, and an environmentally friendly spray booth is something customers can use as a marketing tool to bring in more business.

RelyOn represents Garmat because their equipment increases air flow in your spray booth while still delivering optimum operating conditions. Everything that you need to get the best value for every job comes with each Garmat spray booth. Innovative air filtration and circulation systems along with processes to maximize your own supplies makes the Garmat brand synonymous with value and profitability.

Garmat spray booths help to keep your operating and maintenance costs down as well. The lightweight materials used to make each booth mean that your booths will be easy to clean and maintain. The durable design of Garmat booths means that you can work without worrying about having to stop to take on repairs that are common to other brands. When the time comes to repair or replace a part in a Garmat booth, you will find it to be a quick and easy process that limits your down time.

Garmat spray booths are designed and built with the client in mind. RelyOn Technologies is ready to answer your questions and make sure that you understand how significant the Garmat difference can be to your business.

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