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Air Flow

RelyOn Technologies greatest strengths come from over 30 years experience in the sales and installation of finishing systems for paint, powder, and custom coatings applications. We are a company with an incomparable reputation, and to us this is not only a business, but a way of life. Our equipment is not just products, their owners not merely our customers. Each job we perform is the end result of an all-consuming passion for investing in the right layout, the right equipment and the right installation, all at the right price.

What is Air Flow Technology?

Air flow technology in paint booths is the action of directing air over the product that is being spray painted to provide the optimum evacuation of overspray. Paint particulates are then filtered from the air before it is exhausted into the atmosphere. Our equipment utilizes various designs of air evacuation, including: cross flow, semi down draft, side draft, and down draft.

Cross Flow: A cross flow booth intakes air from one end of the paint booth horizontally, and exhausts it out the opposite end through a filtered plenum. This system is optimum for furniture and component part manufacturers looking for an industrial quality finish.

Semi Down Draft: A semi down draft booth draws air in from the forward ceiling of the paint booth and exhausts it horizontally out the opposite end through a filtered plenum. This system is ideal for small auto collision shops, or component part manufacturers looking for a higher quality finish while maintaining a reasonable value.

Side Draft: A side draft booth intakes air from the center ceiling of the paint booth and exhausts it out each side wall through lower filter plenums. This system is best for job lot manufacturers where multiple components need to be finished simultaneously without the fear of cross contamination in a clean and dust free environment.

Down Draft: A down draft booth draws the air in from the ceiling of the paint booth and exhausts it through the filtered floor. This system is essential for the automotive vehicle refinisher looking for high production painting in a dust free environment.

Additional technologies include conditioning the air before it enters the booth, and enclosing the entire system for a dust free environment. We also provide positive pressure with fresh air make-up fans, including cooling and heating, with the option to modify the burner to create a production drying room.